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    3.         國際食品科學院院士、南京農業大學周光宏教授團隊從2009年開始進行干細胞成肌誘導分化研究,2015-2017年首次分離得到了高純度的豬肌肉干細胞和牛肌肉干細胞,2017-2019年創立豬和牛肌肉干細胞體外培養干性維持新方法,2019年建立了培養肉生產技術體系,研發出含10種輔助因子的無血清培養條件,發明了含微柱陣列的培養肉生產模具,2019年11月18日,研發出中國第一塊細胞培養肉,成果打破了國外培養肉生產技術的壟斷。



      Prof. Zhou Guanghong and his team started the research on myogenic potential cell sources for cultured meat from 2009. They isolated high purity pig and bovine muscle stem cells in 2015 and 2017. Prof. Zhou's group established methods to maintain the stemness of pig and bovine muscle stem cells from 2017 to 2019. In 2019, they developed several serum-free mediums and created meat production molds that can be scaled up for cultured meat. On November 18, 2019, they created China's first cultured pork in Nanjing Agricultire University. That puts China on part with rest of the world in cultured meat fields.